I’m an artist living and teaching in New England. My work with photographic portraiture, staged tableaus and documentary and narrative film projects allow me to express my personal history and connection to the places I photograph, underscoring the residue of past experiences. Through imagery that often subverts ritualized expressions of masculinity, I question how notions of the sublime continue to shape a cultural relationship to wild spaces, while creating altered perceptions of space and place in the viewer’s imagination.

My photographs and films have been exhibited in national and international venues including: Mindy Solomon Gallery (Miami), Blowup Film Festival (Chicago), Wassaic Project (New York), Volta (New York), Giampietro Gallery (New Haven) and Balzer Art Projects (Basel, Switzerland). In 2008, I was named the Photographer Laureate for the City of Tampa. I’m a Professor of photography at Southern Connecticut State University. 

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